photo courtesy of  icarian photography

photo courtesy of icarian photography


I'm Meleyna Nomura. I am a San Francisco Bay Area-based food writer and photographer.

My dive into food media began in the late 90s, clocking many after school hours with the over-the-top BAM! and EVOO and chiffonade and grey salt sprinkles (no salt shaker!) emanating from the television screen. The characters enthralled me. I bought their books, read headnotes before bed, woke up to peruse ingredient lists, then walked myself to the store before I even had a driver's license to search out the microplanes, the fresh herbs, the cheeses that didn't come in a brick that these personalities promised were out there.

Time passed and my kitchen skills improved through practice, if only to selfishly feed myself. And then I blinked. One and then two babies arrived, and the responsibility to raise confident and responsible eaters fell onto my plate. I ended up back in school for nutrition, earning science-based degrees in Dietetics and Health Sciences.

Today, I share my love of food by creating and sharing content. It's my goal to get you to eat better, whatever that means for you--more or less, higher quality or more cost effective, conventional or organic. I don't consume my days with meeting preschooler protein requirements or tallying grams of sugar. Instead, I focus on balanced, pleasurable eating


My storytelling focuses on the intersection between food and family. My writing highlights the realities of parenthood by celebrating those everyday, middle-of-the-road moments with a sense of humor. (Because at the end of the day, it's just dinner. You can try again tomorrow.) My blog captures my stories and shares recipes I have developed for our family. I also write articles, marketing copy, and social media strategy.

My photography journey started simply as a way to capture my kids' lives--the days that last for eternity, but the years seemingly slip through your fingers. My taste for candid shots of reality has translated into my food photography. Real ingredients, unfussy styling, and a love of celebrating the people behind the food.

I believe in the spirit of food and the way it influences our everyday--the human aspect of the people who create it, and the people you share it with. (Or sometimes, the pleasure of eating your lunch alone in your car after a day of raucous field trip chaperoning.) 

I am available for both writing and and photography projects. I'd love to help you tell your story!